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When I rescued the Persian mixes the ginger boys stood out. They were fierce protectors of their little sisters and they were near blind from their eye infections. They were also super greedy, they loved their bottle and later would always be found at the food bowl.

When they first came home they were starving hungry and desperate for food but also sure that humans were not a good thing. They stayed in quarantine in large dog crate with a heating blanket to help them regulate their body temperature. They would also position their little sisters in the middle and they would stay on the outside of the kitten bundle, they would keep watch at night and take care of the others.

They were such frequent visitors to the food bowl that they would often be found asleep face down in it. The previous two little spitfires transformed into the most loving kittens you could ever imagine.

While I was away Chris had really stepped up, I don’t often praise him publicly but he was incredible with them all. He transformed them into some of the loveliest kittens we had ever fostered. They grew beautifully and were amazingly gentle kittens who loved nothing more than chasing a cat wand or carrying their toys around with them. They were loving and our house became a bit of a hotspot for people who wanted to visit them.

They were even patient when my friends came to do their photo shoots, they posed and even wore the ridiculous props that I had made for them. We adored them, Chris could often be found asleep in bed with one boy asleep on his chest and the other curled around Baker. They were hard to tell apart but Gus was always a bruiser compared to his brother Sawyer.

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We both knew that they would be extremely hard to adopt out, we also didn’t want them to be separated from one another. They deserved to find a home with their siblings as they were all so bonded.

Eventually we got lucky, I rejected about three homes for them. I had a lot of people email but I wasn’t sure if they were the right ones and then I got an email from Genevieve’s mum. She had a friend who she thought would be a fantastic mum for some of the kittens.

We invited her around and to say that she adored them would be an understatement. When she left she was already planning all the toys they would have in their new home.

For both of us this was a bittersweet adoption, we adored them. Gus had bonded with Baker and was always found curled up in her fat belly snuggling down for the night. Sawyer wanted to be sat on Chris’ shoulder and Gus would lay down in your arms and when you rocked him he would fall asleep purring. We had bonded extremely hard with them. We were 100% full to capacity though, we didn’t have the space for anymore animals. If they hadn’t been adopted then we would have had to potentially stay in Korea for another year or bring them home and deal with the consequences , but it was far from ideal.

We knew that they would be the perfect pets. They would make any owner extremely happy and they would happily fit into any family. We were very lucky in the sense that they were some of the most well adjusted kittens we’ve ever had.

Their new mum was extremely lucky and they would be the most fantastic additions to a home in Korea.

When they left though I felt as though my heart was breaking. They were really the last, we had said it for years but now it was real. We had already sent most of our stuff back to the UK. We had even booked flights, we were really going along with our bunch of rejects. I knew that the boys would have a fantastic home and that they would be loved. But, a small part of me felt sad that it wasn’t with us.

It always feels unfair with bottle babies, you build a bond and you do the sleepless nights, the toileting at 2am/3am etc and then suddenly they are older and boom gone. I’m so lucky that I am kept up to date on their progress- not just these but most of my animals’ mums/dads know how much I loved them and send pictures and updates.

They set off on their journey to their new home and settled in beautifully. Then much later Gus got sick. We have no idea what triggered it and he and his new mum fought it as hard as they could. He saw specialists and got lots of help but ultimately wasn’t strong enough to fight anymore. She did all she could but she put his needs before his own. She listened to him when he wasn’t strong enough to carry on and his quality of life decreased. Everything was tried but he wasn’t strong enough to fight anymore. He had the most beautiful life though and while it was much too short I will always be indebted to his new mum who loved him with all her heart and showered him with everything she had. She adored him (and his brother) and tried all she could.

Sawyer however has gone from strength to strength and become a little bruiser.  We always thought as he was the runty one in the litter that he would remain little…We were wrong. He is now a massive chubby happy cat. He’s spoilt, adored and showered with all the love he could possibly want.

These boys touched our hearts and I cannot express how glad I was that I took them in, even though everything in me was saying no. They were the perfect finale to our in house rescue and they will always be in my heart.