While Sparky was living the high life in foster care his brother was still outside. He was still unfriendly and didn’t seem to care about me.
Then one day he changed, the same as with Sparky but even quicker. I knew that he had the potential to be a house cat but we just had to get him there.
I decided to TNR him and keep him in my house for a week or so. I eventually caught him and he came home to my house to recover. I have never been so wrong about a cat- he was scary.
He howled 24/7, he was hissing and lunging whenever I got close and I couldn’t even touch him anymore. We were at a loss at what to do and decided that the kindest thing was to release him. He had a constant food source between myself and our neighbour and we took care of him.
He was so aggressive that we had to carry his cage down the stairs to release him (by cage I mean a giant metal dog crate). When we did he shot out with a yowl climbed all the trees and skipped in the grass. He was an outdoor cat through and through.
Months passed and I still spent time with him, he forgave me for his incarceration and started coming for cuddles. I started reading outside with him on my lap him crying when I didn’t do what he wanted (pet him).
Then he started showing up at my door, sitting on my apartment stairs waiting for me, walking me to the shops. There was a child opposite who had been bought a BB gun as a present, he played in Scooby’s park. As time went on and trees got boring he started shooting closer and closer to the cats. I was ready to go to war, but, instead I spent all my free time outside.
At this point I had 7 kittens- five of whom were being bottle fed and the other two were being socialized. I was sleeping about 4 hours a night and packing up our life to go home. This was all on top of my jobs.
Scooby was getting more and more demanding- he would walk around howling if i wasn’t outside or come up to the second floor of my apartment and cry for me to let him in.
Once again my quarantine spaces were gone but I knew that he could be friendly. I decided to try to work out a plan. I needed a foster who would be committed- not anyone who would give up.
I contacted a cat shelter- the one who took in Sarabi and asked if they could help. They hesitated as they were full but I begged. I needed their help and I had no other options. I had to travel up the country that weekend and if they could take him we would drive him there. They said yes! The plan was underway and I knew he would be safe when I left.
The morning we were leaving I went outside immediately, it was the first morning that scooby wasn’t there. I ran around the neighbourhood in my pjs and slippers shouting his name. I felt as though it was hopeless and then I heard an answer to my cries.
I followed the noise and found him curled up with one of the kittens from the previous season. They were curled up in a box of rubbish. The second he saw me he jumped up and ran to me chirping- i promptly burst into tears which made him run faster. He followed me home and jumped into the carrier we had waiting for him. He knew!
I locked the door and sat him in the front of the car, my boys in the back. He sang the whole way to the shelter- it was a 2.5 hour drive. I took him in and settled him quickly, I gave him a kiss and told him I would find him a home. I promised that I would get it sorted for him and then I cried on the way up to drop my boys off.
I was saying goodbye to everything. When I got home that night it was silent, there was no Scooby to read to, no punk waiting outside my house excited to see me. It really was the end.
Scooby stayed at the shelter for months. During that time I had started helping a man with his street kitten. When I first got the message asking how to make her more friendly I wondered how dedicated he would be.
She was very young but also very independent, most people give up. My answers were short and concise but not fantastically giving, I had been burnt before. When you help someone you invest in them and that animal. You start their animal to one of your animals and then ultimately you are disappointed if it doesn’t work out.
Well, I have never been more wrong. This guy was 100% invested in his kitten and determined to get everything right. The second I suggested something he made it happen. I’ve never seen such commitment.
Then months later when his kitten was lonely he talked about getting her a friend. We suggested Scooby, it was a long shot but we knew that Scooby was paternal at the shelter with the kittens. He loved them. If this worked out it was his shot at freedom. Not many people had wanted him, an older black and white cat didn’t have the same allure as a pedigree cat or a kitten.
His new dad didn’t care about aesthetics , he cared about making his girl happy and giving another animal a shot at a home.
He picked him up from the shelter after carrying out all the adoption protocol and he went home. Over time he introduced them slowly and they eventually became best friends. Scooby had a home and a sister.
To say they are both adored would be an understatement, they are spoilt rotten with lots of love. Scooby loves having a family and sticks to them. His favourite place  is either  glued to his dad receiving love or laying on one of his new scratcher sofas . When I had taken him in he wasn’t ready but afterwards he proved how ready he was. He had found the perfect family and a forever home.